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Terezinha Souza

Post Doc (bioinformatician)

I am a Bioinformatician involved in curation, management and analysis of pre-clinical and clinical, multi-omics data from soft tissue sarcoma (rhabdo- and non-rhabdo-) patients. In the pre-clinical setting, I focus on the analysis of patient-derived tumoroids and how they resemble the tumor of origin to gain insights into the underlying biology and to investigate potentially novel therapeutic avenues. Furthermore, I work towards the generation of useful tools such as interactive web-based apps and static reports to better disseminate these results to internal and external partners. One such tool is the webpage, which contains multi-omics data from patient-derived rhabdomyosarcoma tumoroids that were established at the Máxima. There, users can check gene expression, structural and single nucleotide variants, as well as drug screening profiles, from a diverse panel of 19 models driven by fusions or pathogenic mutations.

In my free time I like to knit warm socks and hats, crochet doilies, play video and role-playing games and tend to my collection of philodendrons and other aroids.

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