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Mariël Brok

Research technician

11-11-2021-PlinckFotografie -83_edited.j

I’m Mariel Brok. I’ve been involved (since October 2015) in setting up a workable laboratory environment for researchers in the Maxima, first at the Hubrecht Institute and from May 2018 onwards in this beautiful building as part of my head technician role.

Besides that, I recently joined the Drost group, working as a senior research technician on several projects focusing on RMS tumors. This means a lot of cell culture, transductions, cloning, histology, RNA-scope, and other molecular techniques in order to investigate new potential druggable targets or pathways. This will, hopefully, further improve the treatment and ultimately increase the survival rate of the children that suffer from this type of cancer.

In my spare time I like to play tennis, sing and do some painting and crafts. I also enjoy taking city trips or hikes with family or friends.

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