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Juliane Buhl

Post Doc

My passion for translational research in pediatric oncology brought me from the KiTZ in Heidelberg to the Prinses Máxima Centrum. As a pharmacist by training the translation of our research findings is my top priority. For patients with rhabdoid tumors there is an urgent need for novel, more efficient therapeutic options. We hypothesize that the block in differentiation during fetal development underpinning rhabdoid tumors could preserve unique embryonic antigens, which are no longer present in matured tissues. Such antigens could provide unique, tumor-specific markers that could potentially be used as therapeutic targets. I aim to develop immunotherapeutic strategies for rhabdoid tumors using cutting edge proteomics approaches in combination with unique patient-derived organoid and immune cell co-culture models.

Besides my passion for science, I enjoy singing and am part of the Maxima band and I participate in the “women in science” program in house to empower women as well as men during their scientific career.

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