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Francisco Morales-Rodriguez

Post Doc

Tumors have elevated nutritional needs (=metabolism) due to their fast growth. Blocking these “metabolic addictions” is the basis of several therapies in adult tumors, but has been studied limitedly in pediatric tumors.

My main project focuses on the study of the metabolism of pediatric kidney tumors (PKTs) using innovative analytical techniques and “mini‐organ” (=organoid) models. During the project, I have employed state‐of‐the‐art MS‐based metabolic tracer technologies to obtain a broader perspective of the subtype‐specific metabolic rewiring of PKTs. Next, I selected the most prominently altered pathway(s), and I am currently studying the functional impact of genetic and pharmacological targeting of these pathways ex vivo. Lastly, I will employ orthotopic xenograft models to assess in vivo the response of PKTs to pharmacological blockade of the selected pathway(s).