Joshua Goulding

Guest PhD student

My name is Joshua and I’m a visiting PhD student in the Drost lab with a determination to bring better treatments to pediatric cancer patients. I’m part of the VAGABOND consortium which is focused on translating biology into clinical studies in pediatric oncology and is headed by Jan Molenaar in the Prinses Máxima Centrum. I usually reside in the Pediatric Precision Oncology Lab Ghent (PPOL) where I am developing a zebrafish larvae xenograft platform which can be used to model replicative stress (elevated in pediatric tumours) and in creating a personalised medicine regime for these patients. In my three month secondment in the Drost lab, and in collaboration with the Molenaar lab, I will be performing compound screens on neuroblastoma organoids, as well as developing organoid cultures from mouse PDX samples. I will also develop expertise in multi-omics technology and transfer all of this knowledge and experience to my lab and project in Ghent. Originally I’m from Liverpool, UK and my hobbies include playing football, cycling and seeking out new experiences. I am already enjoying my time in the Drost lab and the Prinses Máxima Centrum and look forward to developing these areas of research.